Hokum is committed to being as sustainable as possible. 

Sustainability has many factors to consider so a summary of our approach to sustainablitly and ethos is as follows -


All Hokum pieces are designed in house by founder Penelope. These are carefully considered textiles, all beginning as hand drawn artworks. We only use natural fibres with a strict no plastic or synthetic approach. Plastics being polyestors shed micro fibres during washing. It's estimated that 30% of ocean plastics are these micro fibres. They are well and truly in our food supply chain causing pollution. 

SILK - Silk is a natural fibre produced by the silk worm. Silk worms are a domesticated insect with a short lifespan.     

PRINTING - Our products are digitally printed. This process uses far less water and dye than traditional methods reducing waste

SEWING - All sewing is done in Melbourne, Australia. We use luxury finishes that require more time and pay our sewers accordingly

PACKAGING - Where possible we use 100% recycled paper/tissue. 

MADE TO ORDER  - Making to order means less waste and no excess stock. We all need to consider our purchases, not just in fashion. Fast fashion and over consumption is polluting our environment.  BUY LESS AND CHOOSE WELL. 

We do offer some ready to buy online and you can purchase from one of our stockists but in limited quantities. 



We encourage you to read more about sustainable practises here - 

Some of our favourite resources are -


Wardrobe crisis - Clare press - VOGUE Sustainability editor and her podcast